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Augustina Adusah-Karikari


Name:Dr Augustina Adusah-Karikari
Job Title:Lecturer
Department:Public Services School
Institution:Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administrators
Research Area:gender and development, women and education in Africa, public sectors issues


  • Development Studies
  • Gender
  • Politics and International Studies


  • Language: Twi
  • Ability: Fluent
  • Language: Ga
  • Ability: Conversational

Country of Research:

Country:Ghana, 2006 - 2007
Title:Women and Higher Education
Description:The study employed qualitative methodology to offer descriptive details of the experiences of women in higher education institutions in Ghana as faculty and administrators. One major finding was that the patriarchal culture of the universities serves to undermine women’s authority and frames their identity in subordinated paradigms.
Types:participant observer

Country:Ghana, 2009 - 2010
Title:Gender Mainstreaming in Ghana's Public Sector
Description:This study analyzed the programs and polices geared towards gender mainstreaming in six Ministries, Departments and Agencies through questionnaires and interviews. The research sought to ascertain how the Public Sector prioritizes gender issues and what level of capacity exists in terms of training, resources, and political will for gender mainstreaming. The study revealed that women’s empowerment and gender concerns in public sector has been slow. This is due deeply entrenched cultural and traditional beliefs which have encroached into the workplace.
Types:non-archival data collection

Country:Ghana, 2010 - 2011
Title:Intersection of Society, Traditions and Modernisation: Delusions of Progress for Women
Description:This research seeks to conduct a critical analysis of how traditions and societal expectations enforce Ghanaian women’s inequalities and to propose practical solutions for promoting women’s economic and social empowerment.