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Journal of Science and Sustainable Development

Address: Research Directorate
Uganda Martyrs University
P. O. Box 5498 Kampala
Telephone: +256782464691
Journal Editor: Jude Ssempebwa
Web Address:
Description: Biannually, the Research Directorate produces the Journal of Science and Sustainable Development (JSSD) (ISSN: 2070-1748). The goal of the Journal is to provide a visible and high impact outlet for definitive articles that discuss the concept of development from an interdisciplinary viewpoint. Therefore, contributions to the Journal typically go beyond the “how we did it” narration of known success stories to link theory to practice whilst spanning over traditional disciplinary boundaries and giving due attention to the role of sustainability in development as well as the dilemmas that characterize some development endeavours, especially in the third world. The Journal gives special preference to conceptual and empirical writing that is relevant to Africa’s peculiar development needs whilst integrating pertinent international developments, debates and challenges, because it acknowledges that the questions, issues, theories, and policies pertaining to development require in-depth study, analysis and discussion. Therefore, the Journal provides an outlet for examining these questions, issues, theories, and policies in a rigorous and scholarly manner. Accordingly, papers are invited from a wide range of disciplines that reflect different research, theoretical and application perspectives concerning the development of the third world and mankind as a whole. The Journal’s editorial policy prefers submissions that synthesize the significance of different disciplinary traditions and geographical experiences in explaining the phenomenon at hand. On top of rigorous examination of the ‘local dimension’ of the issues that they expound, therefore, contributions mirror conversance with relevant international perspectives and experiences, thereby situating the debate in a broad discourse that facilitates holistic understanding of the issues at hand. Edited from Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda, the Journal draws on the expertise of a diverse editorial board, as well as a wide range of reviewers in and beyond Africa. The Journal is committed to the publication of both experienced and early career researchers so its editorial policy puts overriding attention on helping contributors to reach the level of quality that is deemed fit for publication through ensuring relevant, fair and penetrating reviews as well as timely relay of feedback to contributors.
Guidelines for Contributors: Contributors to JSSD must adhere to the following requirements: Length: 4000 to 6000 words. Format: Times New Roman; size 12 and 1.5 spacing. Structure: Even though articles may have other subsections as may be thought necessary by the author(s), the following should be conspicuous: Introduction; Methodology; Findings; Discussion; Conclusions; and Recommendations. Tables, diagrams, figures and pictures should be in their appropriate places in the body of the article and attached, in their original format (e.g. jpeg), as separate files. Abstract: Articles must be accompanied with an abstract of not more than 150 words. Keywords: After the abstract, the author(s) should outline the keywords in the article, on whose basis it can be classified. Referencing: All citations must be referenced and contributors should adhere to the latest edition of the Harvard Referencing System. French abstract: contributors are encouraged to include a French language translation of the abstract of their manu

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