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African Scholars

  • Zanafy Gladys Abdoul

    Anglophone literature lecturer and seminar teacher

    University of Antananarivo

    Discipline: Literature, Gender

    Research Interests: parenting evolution, gender studies, anglophone and African literature, postcolonial studies

  • Diana Abia

    Tutorial Assistant

    University of Dar es Salaam

    Discipline: History

    Research Interests: The role played by Tanzania in the liberation struggle of the Republic of South Africa.

  • Christiana Abonge

    Assistant Lecturer

    University of Buea

    Discipline: Development Studies

    Research Interests: The contribution of women's informal businesses to household welfare

  • Samiat Abubakre

    Lecturing (Teaching, Research & Community Development)

    University of Ilorin

    Discipline: African Languages, Gender, Literature

    Research Interests: PhD Applied Linguistics with specialization in translation, gender and children studies

  • Furaha Abwe

    Assistant Lecturer

    Mount Meru University

    Discipline: Built Environment or Planning

    Research Interests: Urban planning, urban transport, urban sanitation, governance, & livable cities.

  • Abdalla Uba Adamu


    Bayero University

    Discipline: Library and Communications, Education

    Research Interests: media, cultural Communication, African urban musics, Muslim Hausa video films, Islamic gospel music, northern Nigeria, Hausa

  • Nathaniel Adeyemi Adebayo

    Senior Principal Lecturer

    The Polytechnic, Ibadan

    Discipline: Business and Management Studies, Economics and Econometrics, Development Studies

    Research Interests: Impact of micro and small business entrepreneurship on poverty reduction in Ibadan metropolis

  • Femi Adedeji

    Research and Teaching

    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Discipline: Music, Theology Divinity or Religious Studies

    Research Interests: theory, Ifa music, research methods, gospel music, church music, sacred musicology, guitar music, music composition, performance styles

  • Samuel Adejoh


    University of Lagos

    Research Interests: Health, diabetes, malaria, cancer, health behaviours, family support, doctor-patient relationship, community components of health, knowledge attitude and practice

  • Mohammed Ademilokun


    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Research Interests: I am a doctoral student interested in Multimodal Discourse Analysis. My ongoing doctoral research is titled "A Multimodal Study of the Discourse of Selected Political Rallies for 2011 Elections in Nigeria"

  • Adeyemi Johnson Ademowo

    Senior Lecturer

    Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti

    Discipline: Anthropology, Development Studies

    Research Interests: Indigenous languages, Folklore, Conflict, Proverbs, Peace Studies, Cultural Studies, African Studies, Anthropology of Space

  • Kolawole Adeniyi

    Assistant Lecturer

    Bowen University

    Research Interests: The behaviour of Downstep in Three-tone Languages

  • Kolawole Adeniyi


    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Research Interests: the typology of three tone languages (especially downstep)

  • Funso Adesola


    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Discipline: Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: security issues, geopolitics, west africa, nigeria, governance, poverty issues, african international relations, human rights, developmental issues

  • Adegboye Adeyanju

    Lecturer in English Language and Linguistics

    University of Abuja,Abuja-Nigeria

    Research Interests: Applied Linguistics,Critical Discourse Analysis, Systemic Functional Grammar, Genre&Register Theory, Language of Religion,

  • Morenikeji Adisa


    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Discipline: History

    Research Interests: women, violence, politics, marriage, elites, kingship

  • Lucy Adongo



    Research Interests: Experienced Transcriber/Translator and research assistant conducting focus group discussions and individual interviews.

  • Emmanuel Akwasi Adu-Ampong

    PhD Student

    Institut Barcelona d’Estudis Internacionals

    Discipline: Development Studies, Built Environment or Planning, Geography, Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: sustainable tourism development and management, critical social theory, tourism governance, planning and policy, public policy and management, contemporary governance issues, local economic development, international relations

  • Augustina Adusah-Karikari


    Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administrators

    Discipline: Development Studies, Gender, Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: gender and development, women and education in Africa, public sectors issues

  • Olugbemiga Afolabi

    Assistant Professor/Lecturer

    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Discipline: Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: Democracy, Governance, Elections, Violence, Conflict, Political Parties and Developmental Studies