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African Scholars

  • Dafe Otobo


    University of Lagos

    Research Interests: Globalisation and labour

  • Caren Ouma

    Assistant Professor of Management and International Business

    United States International University

    Discipline: Business and Management Studies

    Research Interests: Marketing for agribusiness enterprise

  • Sven Ouzman

    Senior Lecturer

    University of Pretoria

    Research Interests: archaeology, rock art, graffiti, heritage, theory, museums, politics

  • Maureen Owor

    Associate Principal Lecturer

    Law Development Centre

    Discipline: Law

    Research Interests: International and national criminal justice, traditional African justice, human rights

  • Uchenna Oyali


    University of Abuja

    Discipline: African Languages

    Research Interests: translation studies, critical discourse analysis, corpus linguistics, forensic linguistics, literary linguistics

  • Amos Olugbenga Oyedokun

    Assistant Lecturer

    Obafemi Awolowo University

    Research Interests: Sexuality in the Cape Area of South Africa: Dynamics & Contexts

  • Olusola Oyero


    Covenant University

    Discipline: Library and Communications

    Research Interests: Children and the media

  • Robtel Neajai Pailey

    Researcher, Ph.D. Candidate

    School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

    Research Interests: My thesis will scrutinise the markers of citizenship, narrowly defined in Liberia’s current Aliens and Nationality Law, how citizenship is currently conceived and practiced, and the potential relationship between dual citizenship and post-conflict re

  • Ross Parsons

    Senior Lecturer in Anthropology and Psychology

    Africa University

    Discipline: Anthropology, Psychology

    Research Interests: Children and HIV, political violence and contested meanings of trauma, emergent queer identities, representations of the 'crisis'

  • Zarina Patel

    Senior Lecturer

    University of the Witwatersrand

    Discipline: Geography

    Research Interests: environmental governance and politics

  • Atah Pine


    Benue Stat University, Makurdi

    Research Interests: Diaspora

  • Gordon Pirie


    University of Cape Town

    Discipline: Geography

    Research Interests: Urban transport infrastructure Municipal airport histories

  • Mary Poche


    University of Teesside

    Discipline: Politics and International Studies, Sociology and Demography

    Research Interests: Decentralization and Local Government reform Democratization Transitions to democracy

  • Japhace Poncian

    Assistant Lecturer

    Mkwawa University College of Education

    Research Interests: Natural resource management, corruption, governance, development, religion.

  • Julia Preece

    Professor of Adult Education

    National University of Lesotho

    Discipline: Education

    Research Interests: lifelong learning, non-formal education, gender, poverty reduction, citizenship

  • Julia Preece

    Professor of Adult Education

    University of Kwazulu-Natal

    Discipline: Education

    Research Interests: community engagement, lifelong learning, adult education, gender, citizenship

  • Mastin Prinsloo

    Associate Professor, Director of the Centre for Applied Language and Literacy Studies in Southern Africa (CALLSSA)

    University of Cape Town

    Research Interests: applied language and literacy studies, new literacy studies, socio-lingiustics, literacy and language ethnography, early childhood and school literacy, language, adult literacy, educational studies

  • Geo Quinot

    Associate Professor

    University of Stellenbosch

    Discipline: Law

    Research Interests: administrative law and justice, public procurement regulation

  • Zoly Rakotondavelo

    University lecturer

    University of Antananarivo

    Research Interests: Post-doctoral level, gender studies, postcolonial literature, education

  • Anita Ramgutty-Wong

    Associate Professor

    University of Mauritius

    Research Interests: Unions; Employment Relations; Development and Socio-Economic policy; Change Processes and Change Management