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African Scholars

  • Peter Vale

    Professor of Humanities

    University of Johannesburg

    Discipline: Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: Social Theory, Historical Sociology, Higher Education, the Humanities, International Relations, Southern Africa

  • Rehana Vally

    Associate Professor

    University of Pretoria

    Discipline: Anthropology, Gender

    Research Interests: Islam, Indian diaspora, religious diasporas, gender and sexuality in Islam, migrations, identity and culture

  • Christiaan Van der Merwe

    Associate professor in Biblical Hebrew and Bible translation

    University of Stellenbosch

    Research Interests: Biblical Hebrew linguistics, Bible translation, teaching Biblical Hebrew, cognitive linguistics

  • Ruan Van der Walt

    Senior Lecturer

    University of Pretoria

    Research Interests: industrial democracy, worker/employee participation

  • Darshan Vigneswaran

    Senior Researcher

    University of the Witwatersrand

    Discipline: Politics and International Studies

    Research Interests: territoriality, sovereignty, states, policing, migration, refugees, South Africa

  • Frans Jacobus Viljoen


    University of Pretoria

    Research Interests: international human rights law, African regional human rights system, multidisciplinary human rights, compliance with human rights obligations

  • Nicholas Vink

    Chair and Professor

    University of Stellenbosch

    Research Interests: agricultural economics, agricultural development, wine industry, agricultural policy, agricultural trade

  • Dieter von Fintel


    Stellenbosch University

    Discipline: Economic and/or Social History, Economics and Econometrics

    Research Interests: South African labour market, poverty and inequality; South African economic history

  • Nan Warner

    Manager : African Academic Links Section

    University of Cape Town

    Research Interests: Africa, higher education, partnerships, networks capacity development, management, PhD, postdoc

  • Evans Wema


    University of Dar es Salaam

    Discipline: Library and Communications

    Research Interests: Information literacy, Information seeking behaviour, lifelong learning, adult learning, information needs

  • Nsikanabasi Wilson

    Assistant Lecturer

    University of Uyo

    Research Interests: local perception, local knowledge, belief system attitudes, malaria, choice, therapy, traditional systems, social change

  • Terhemba Wuam

    Lecturer I

    Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University

    Research Interests: trade, exchange and development in Tivland, Benue State, Nigeria, 1850-2000

  • Olajumoke Yacob-Haliso


    Babcock University

    Research Interests: Doctoral research; gender, women, refugees, post-conflict peace-building, Liberia,

  • Mohammed Yimer

    Lecturer and Researcher

    Arba Minch University

    Discipline: Development Studies

    Research Interests: Pastoralism, Villejization, Policies, Somali National Regional State, Constraints

  • Shehu Tijjani Yusuf

    Lecturer II

    Bayero University

    Discipline: History, Economic and/or Social History, Development Studies

    Research Interests: The Socio-Economic Impact of the railway in Northern Nigeria: A Study in Transformation of the Rural Communities Along the Rail Line Between Kano and Zaria, c.1908-1970s ----------- : Transportation, Railway, Rural, Northern Nigeria, Economic History, Transformation, Migration, Impact, Agriculture, colonialism

  • Jochen Zeller

    Associate Professor

    University of KwaZulu-Natal

    Discipline: African Languages

    Research Interests: Zulu, Kinyarwanda, relative clauses, wh-constructions, focus, applicatives, raising, left dislocation