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BISA journal writing workshop for PhD students and postdocs

January 19, 2011

The BISA Africa and IS Working Group and the BISA postgraduate network are jointly planning a ‘journal writing workshop’ for PhD students and post-docs this year at the BISA annual conference (Manchester 27–29 April).

The proposal is to have open session with contributions to a round table from the editors of a number of journals, talking about the journals, their policies, processes etc, followed by a series of closed sessions (one for each journal participating). The closed sessions would be organised for a limited number of post-graduates or early career researchers to receive feedback on draft articles.

Doctoral students who are relatively near to submitting or early career researchers are hereby invited to apply to take part in the closed sessions. This would involve submitting a draft paper which would then be reviewed by one of the participating journals with discussion of the drafts (attendance limited to those who have submitted papers). It is therefore an invaluable opportunity to get detailed feedback direct from journal editors.

Spaces are limited, so if you might be interested in participating, please contact Astrid Nordin on with a title and abstract of your paper by 1st February.

The workshops arise from recent discussions in African studies, focussing in particular upon concerns from editors that we get a high volume of submissions, but that most are poor quality, and concomitantly, concerns from African academics and others that it is very hard for them to get published. This concern is shared by post graduates and early career researchers more widely. The papers submitted to the workshop can be on any topic, though some will be focussed on Africa specifically. Participating journals are Review of International Studies, African Affairs, Review of African Political Economy plus one other tbc.