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CODESRIA Comparative Research Networks: Call for Proposals 2012

February 2, 2012

CODESRIA invites proposals from researchers based in African universities and centres of research for the constitution of Comparative Research Networks (CRNs) to undertake studies on or around priority research themes.

The primary purpose of CRNs is to encourage a comparative analytic perspective in the work of African social researchers.

To find out more about the details of how to apply, please see the CODESRIA website or contact them by email.

Authors of proposals are advised to pay closer attention to comparative aspects while designing methodology and framing research questions.

Although the budget that will be approved for CRNs varies from group to group, grants awarded by CODESRIA in the recent past ranged from US$10,000 to $35,000. Resources will be allocated by the Council to cover the following costs:

- A methodological workshop for the members of the CRN
– A review workshop at which the progress of the work of the CRN members will be assessed
– The field work to be undertaken by the members of the network
– Books to be purchased for the work of the CRN
– Honorariums to be paid to the members of the CRN for the work undertaken
– Final workshop

The size of a CRN varies from proposal to proposal but, on the average it varies between four to six members. It is advantageous to ensure that a proposed CRN is multidisciplinary in composition, sensitive to gender issues, and accommodative of younger scholars.