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Early Career Scholars - Training and Development / Writing Workshop 23rd-26 April, Accra, Ghana

February 20, 2012

Call for Applications: The African Studies Association of the UK (ASAUK) and the British Academy, the UK’s national academy for the humanities and social sciences, invite applications to attend a combined training and development and writing workshop for early career scholars to be held in Ghana.
The British Academy early career training and development workshop will run from 23 to 24 April. This will be followed by the ASAUK writing workshop from 25 to 26 April.

British Academy early career workshop, 23–24 April

The training and development workshop is intended to advance discussion on how best to support the next generation of African academics, whilst also providing practical training and development sessions for participants. It forms part of the ‘Nairobi Process’, which following the Nairobi Report (published by the British Academy and the Association of Commonwealth Universities in 2009) aims to explore how research in the humanities and social sciences in Africa might be rejuvenated. A second report -Foundations for the Future; Supporting African Early Career Researchers – explores examines the difficulties faced by academics during this stage of their career and begins to explore collaborative mechanisms which might be used to address these needs. The British Academy workshop will be an opportunity to discuss these issues further, as well as offering practical session on publishing and research methodology.

ASAUK Writing Workshop, 25–26 April

ASAUK is currently organising a writing workshop in Ghana to assist young scholars to prepare material for publication in international journals. The ASAUK is committed to enhancing academic links between British and African institutions and to increasing representation in British journals of work by scholars based in Africa. Previous ASAUK workshops in the UK and in other parts of Africa have been extremely well received and there has been a strong demand for places.

The writing workshop will bring the editors of three UK-based Africanist and International journals, namely the International Journal of Human Rights, Ghana Studies, Globalization and Health and the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE) to Ghana in order to support doctoral and recently post-doctoral students as well as junior staff based in West African universities in submitting articles for publication in Africanist and International journals. The participating journals have asked prospective participants of the workshop to submit articles which address the journal themes outlined below.

Applying to attend

Applicants will attend both the writing workshop and training workshop. The workshops are planned to take place in Accra, Ghana on 23rd-26th April 2012, and will be organised in collaboration with the Regional Institute for Population Studies, University of Ghana. The organisers will cover the costs of travel and will provide accommodation and food for the duration of the workshops.
The African Studies Association of the UK and the British Academy look forward to hearing from you.
For more information, please see the applicant details below or contact Mr David Kerr (
The ASAUK and the British Academy very gratefully acknowledge the support of the Regional Institute for Population Studies, International Journal of Human Rights, Ghana Studies, Globalization and Health and the Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE).

Applicant Details

Deadline for receipt of applications: 23rd March 2012.

In order to qualify for the workshops, scholars are invited to send in the following documents: • A short CV including their name, gender, academic career and position at their current institution. • A completed, full-length article (5,500–7,000 words) based on original research. Please indicate clearly whether you are addressing a theme and which journal you are targeting. • An explanation of how you would benefit from the training and development workshop, and how you would contribute to the early career discussion. •

To apply for a reimbursement of travel costs, you must submit an estimate of expenses. Please bear in mind that the organisers will expect applicants to have explored the most economical travel options.
Selection criteria: The primary selection criterion is the quality of the article submitted, but assessors will also be looking to see who might benefit the most from the workshops. The workshops are open to early career scholars, which we interpret to be up to 6 years following the award of your doctorate.

Please send applications electronically to Mr David Kerr email addresses:

Journal themes:

International Journal of Human Rights

The International Journal of Human Rights covers an exceptionally broad spectrum of human rights issues: human rights and the law, race, religion, gender, children, class, refugees and immigration. In addition to these general areas, the journal publishes articles and reports on the human rights aspects of: genocide, torture, capital punishment and the laws of war and war crimes. To encourage debate, the editors publish Forum pieces and discussion papers from authorative writers in the field. They also welcome comments, reflections, thematic essays and review articles and critical surveys of the literature.
The journal is essential reading for academics and students of political science and international law, officers in relevant NGOs, lawyers, politicians and civil servants, human rights activists, and the interested general public.
Ghana Studies
The Ghana Studies Association (GSA—previously known as the Ghana Studies Council) is an organization of scholars based in Africa, the United States, Europe, and Asia, whose research interests focus on the peoples of the West African state of Ghana. It is an associate organization of the African Studies Association (ASA) of the USA. It also sponsors the publication of a peer-reviewed academic journal, Ghana Studies, which appears annually.

Globalization and Health

Globalization and Health is an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal that provides an international forum for high quality original research, knowledge sharing and debate on the topic of globalization and its effects on health, both positive and negative. The journal is affiliated with the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Since 1974, ROAPE has provided radical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa. It pays particular attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation and oppression, whether driven by global forces or local ones such as class, race, ethnicity and gender), and to broadly materialist interpretations of change. It sustains a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state in Africa in the context of capitalist globalisation. For more information, please see

The Ghana Journal of Development Studies

Ghana Journal of Development Studies (GJDS) is a multi-, trans- and an inter-disciplinary journal with a development focus, published by the Faculty of Integrated Development Studies of University for Development Studies, Ghana. Founded in 2004, the GJDS publishes works on development policy, programming and projects, whether analytical, evaluative, basic, applicative and/or descriptive. It accepts papers from varied disciplinary areas including the physical sciences, social sciences and the humanities that show direct relevance to development. Emphasis is on empirical research that build on and/or ground theory. However, manuscripts of high quality on theoretical aspects of development-related disciplines as well as book reviews are considered for publication. Critical reviews and books reviews on development literature are also welcome.

The GJDS provides a forum for researchers and development-related professionals to re/present their works on critical research and analysis of development issues with emphasis on, but not exclusive to the Ghanaian and African setting. It also welcomes comparative work on Africa (country, sub-regional, continental) and elsewhere.

The GJDS is peer-reviewed by accomplished Ghanaian/African scholars of varied disciplinary orientations.