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Fellowship for early/ mid-career urban scholars

May 1, 2012

The Urban Studies Foundation has announced a new fellowship programme, enabling early to mid-career urban scholars working in a university or other research institution in the global south to take an extended sabbatical (3–9 months) to write up research findings in the form of publishable articles or a book in a university or other academically-accredited institution in the global north.

The purpose of the fellowship is to expand theoretical and empirical understanding of the major social, economic, political and other problems associated with the rapid processes of urban growth in the global south.

The programme is designed to give scope to the exchange of ideas between urban scholars working in the global north and south. To this end, particular importance is attached to the identification and willingness of an established urban scholar working within a northern institution to act as a mentor of the fellow.

For more about this fellowship and how to apply, please see the website: