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Post-post' independence? African political thought, contemporary protest and the international

May 21, 2012

‘Post-post’ independence? African political thought, contemporary protest and the international
School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary, University of London
19th-20th July 2012

Supported by:

Centre for Global Security and Development, Queen Mary University of London
School of Politics and International Relations, Queen Mary University of London
British International Studies Association Africa and International Studies Working Group

The event is being organised by Dr Clive Gabay (, and attendence at the workshop panels should be confirmed directly with him by email.

Draft workshop programme

Thursday 19th July

1.30–2pm Arrival and Registration

2–3.30pm Panel: Radicalism, Nationalism, Islamism and sub-State Identities in the Horn

Peter Chonka (University of Edinburgh) ‘Discourse, identity and protest politics in the Somali Horn of Africa: the case of Somaliland’
Ioannis Mantzikos (Kings College, University of London) ‘Against their own state: Vigilante Movements and Violent Non State Actors in the Horn of Africa: Exploring the Case Kenya’
Osama Zumam (Sudanese Communist Party) ‘The Class Dynamics of South Sudanese Independence’

3.30–4pm Refreshment break

4pm-5.30pm Panel: Incorporating the International

Franziska Dübgen (Goethe University) and Stefan Skupien (Humboldt University) ‘The triple post in Uganda: Thoughts on independence and patterns of critique’
Patrica Daley (Oxford University) ‘Rescuing Africans?: Western celebrities, Human Rights and Protest in Africa’.
Okey Iheduru (National Defense College, Abuja) ‘African Mining Protests: Local Rebellions against the State and Global Capital, and Competing Discourses on Rights.’


‘African Awakenings? Interpreting contemporary African protest
Africa Centre, 38 King Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2E 8JT

Firoze Manji (Pambazuka Press)
Yash Tandon (South Centre, SEATINI)
Bayo Oyenuga/DM Squared (Enough is Enough Nigeria)
Ayanda Kota (Grahamstown Unemployed Peoples’ Movement (South Africa))
Patricia Daley (University of Oxford) – TBC

Friday 20th July

9.30–11am Panel: Indigeneity and the State

Ole Martin Gaasholt (SOAS) ‘Rebellion against the state to obtain one’s rights:
Discourse of rights between instrumentalisation and local concerns’
Francis A. Fogue Kuate (University of Buea) ‘Anti-government popular protest in post independent Cameroon: A political economy of the ‘Ghost Town’ and the 2008 riots’
Branwen Gruffydd Jones (Goldsmiths College, University of London) ‘African cinema as political thought’

11–11.30am Refreshment break

11.30–1pm Panel: Country Case Studies: Malawi and Angola

Clive Gabay (Queen Mary University of London) ‘Of Homburg Hats and Banned Miniskirts: Hastings Banda as the internationalized African autocrat’
Jimmy Kainja (London Metropolitan University) ‘Democratic Consolidation: A case of Malawi’s staggering democracy’
Paulo Faria (University of Kent) ‘Parrhesia and the history of the Public in Angola’

1–2pm Lunch and Leave