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8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations

February 18, 2013

Karen Del Biondo (Stanford) and Damiano de Felice (LSE) are convening a section on "The Politics of Foreign Aid" at the 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, to be held in Warsaw (Poland) on 18-21 September 2013.

A call for papers and panels has been circulated on the conference website:

The Section, which includes 10 panels (!), covers, among many others, the following topics:

- the domestic politics of foreign aid in donor and recipient countries;

- political determinants of foreign aid allocation (for both established and emerging donors);

- political conditionalities;

- the relationship between politics and aid effectiveness;

- the impact of emerging donors on the normative foundations of the international aid structure;

- critical studies on political justifications for foreign aid.

If you are interested in presenting at the conference, all paper proposals should be submitted via the online submission system at

Feel free to circulate the call for papers to all those who might be interested.

If you have any questions (or if you are interested in chairing a panel or participating in a roundtable), you can contact us directly at or

Best regards,

Damiano de Felice

PhD student in International Relations, London School of Economics and Political Science Research Assistant, LSE Sustainable Finance Project Editor of Millennium: Journal of International Studies (Volume 40)