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Early Career Scholars - Writing Workshop Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September British Institute

June 3, 2013

Call for applications: The African Studies Association of the UK (ASAUK) invite applications to attend a writing workshop for early career scholars to be held in Nairobi on 20th and 21st September 2013.

ASAUK is currently organising a writing workshop in Nairobi to assist early career scholars to prepare material for publication in international journals. The ASAUK is committed to enhancing academic links between British and African institutions and to increasing representation in British journals of work by scholars based in Africa. Previous ASAUK workshops in the UK and in other parts of Africa have been extremely well received and there has been a strong demand for places.

The writing workshop will bring a wide range of editors of Africanist journals, from across the humanities and social sciences, together in order to support doctoral and recent post-doctoral students as well as junior staff based in East African universities in preparing articles for submission and eventual publication in Africanist and International journals. The participating journals have asked prospective participants of the workshop to submit articles which address the journal themes outlined below.

Applying to attend

The workshop will be organised in collaboration with the British Institute in Eastern Africa. The organisers will cover the costs of travel and will provide accommodation and food for the duration of the workshops. The African Studies Association of the UK looks forward to hearing from you.

For more information, or for any enquiries, please see the applicant details below or contact either Reuben Loffman ( and/or Professor Ambreena Manji, Director of the British Institute in Eastern Africa (

The ASAUK very gratefully acknowledges the support of the British Academy,


Applicant Details

Deadline for receipt of applications: 17:00 (GMT) on 15 July 2013

In order to qualify for the workshops, scholars are invited to send in the following documents: • A short CV including their name, gender, nationality, date of conferral or expected conferral of their PhD, academic career and position at their current institution. • A completed, full-length article (8,000-10,000 words) based on original research. Please indicate clearly which journal you are targeting. • An explanation of how you would benefit from the training and development workshop, whether you have previously been published (and if so please provide details of the articles and journals you have been published in), and how you would contribute to the early career discussion.

To apply for a reimbursement of travel costs, you must submit an estimate of expenses.  Please bear in mind that the organisers will expect applicants to have explored the most economical travel options.

Selection criteria: The primary selection criterion is the quality of the article submitted, but assessors will also be looking to see who might benefit the most from the workshops.  The workshops are open to early career scholars, which we interpret to be up to 6 years following the award of your doctorate.

Please send applications electronically Reuben Loffman at

Please note that applications without all the supporting documentation will not be considered.

Journals and journal themes:

Papers selected will be in line with the thematic areas covered by the participating journals. Allocation of participants to given journals is at the discretion of the organisers.

The following journals have confirmed their participation and we expect others to join them (further journals wishing to participate in the workshop should contact Reuben Loffman and Ambreena Manji:

Africa: Journal of the International African Institute

Africa is the premier journal devoted to the study of African societies and culture. Editorial policy encourages an interdisciplinary approach, involving humanities, social sciences, and environmental sciences. Africa aims to give increased attention to African production of knowledge, highlighting the work of local African thinkers and writers, emerging social and cultural trends 'on the ground', and links between local and national levels of society.

Journal of Modern African Studies

The Journal of Modern African Studies offers a quarterly survey of developments in modern African politics and society. Its main emphasis is on current issues in African politics, economies, societies and international relations. It is intended not only for students and academic specialists, but also for general readers and practitioners with a concern for modern Africa, living and working both inside and outside the continent.

Review of African Political Economy (ROAPE)

Since 1974, ROAPE has provided radical analysis of trends, issues and social processes in Africa, adopting a broadly materialist interpretation of change. It has paid particular attention to the political economy of inequality, exploitation and oppression and struggles against them, whether driven by global forces or local ones such as class, race, community and gender. It sustains a critical analysis of the nature of power and the state in Africa in the context of capitalist globalisation.

Journal of Southern African Studies (JSAS) (if there are papers submitted on the geographical area covered by the journal – see below for details on the scope)

JSAS is an international publication for work of high academic quality on issues of interest and concern in the region of Southern Africa. It aims at generating fresh scholarly enquiry and rigorous exposition in the many different disciplines of the social sciences and humanities, and periodically organises and supports conferences to this end, sometimes in the region. It seeks to encourage inter-disciplinary analysis, strong comparative perspectives and research that reflects new theoretical or methodological approaches. The region covered embraces South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Angola and Mozambique; and occasionally, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Mauritius.

African Studies

Rooted in a long tradition of scholarship, African Studies provides an inter-disciplinary forum for conceptual and empirical writing relevant to Africa, and that contributes to international dialogue and debate. The journal is edited from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa, but draws on the expertise of an active editorial board, as well as a wide range of referees both within and beyond Southern Africa. The journal is particularly keen to consolidate and extend its commitment to support the publication of especially younger scholars of Africa.

Journal of Law and Society

Published annually, the Journal of Law and Society Special Issues offer an interdisciplinary approach to specific themes within socio-legal studies. Challenging and authoritative, these issues provide searching yet accessible analyses of a wide range of topics, with examinations of specific legislation appearing alongside more general discussions of current legal practice and theory in relation to other social forces. Attracting contributors from around the world and addressing issues from a range of legal cultures, as well as theoretical concerns of a cross-cultural nature, this series will have a broad international appeal - not only to legal researchers and practitioners, but to sociologists, criminologists and other social scientists.

Journal of African Cultural Studies

The Journal of African Cultural Studies is an international journal providing a forum for perceptions of African culture from inside and outside Africa, with a special commitment to African scholarship. It focuses on dimensions of African culture including African literatures both oral and written, performance arts, visual arts, music, the role of the media, the relationship between culture and power, as well as issues within such fields as popular culture in Africa, sociolinguistic topics of cultural interest, and culture and gender.

Journal of Contemporary African Studies

The Journal of Contemporary African Studies (published four times a year, in January, April, July and October) is an interdisciplinary journal seeking to promote a scholarly understanding of developments and change throughout the African continent, as well as the location of Africa within the global political economy. Its scope extends across the social sciences, as well as encouraging articles relating to the social dimensions of the wider humanities, sciences and the environment. It welcomes contributions reviewing general trends in the academic literature, as well as those offering careful analyses of developments at national, regional and continental level. It also publishes special issues and welcomes proposals for new topics.

Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies

Eastern African Literary & Cultural Studies is a new international journal which offers a distinctive, integrated forum for publication of leading peer-review papers on the literature, culture and arts of the Eastern Africa region and their widespread influence. The arts and culture have played an instrumental role in the post-colonial project, and indeed in the forging of twenty-first century identities and realities, where they have actively engaged with ideas from other fields including economics, politics, history, and religion. This dynamic interface will be explored in the journal.