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Call for Participants: Critical Debates With(In) Development: Power, Resilience and Change

May 9, 2013

Please see below the Call for Participants  for the upcoming interdisciplinary postgraduate development studies conference, on the theme of "Critical Debates With(In) Development: Power, Resilience and Change". The conference is organised by IDS and the School of Global Studies at Sussex, with support from the Development Studies Association (DSA).

One of the major goals of the conference is to bring together a wide diversity of early careers scholars working on development issues from different disciplines and departments across the Sussex campus.

The conference will take place at the University of Sussex on 13th-14th June 2013. The conference will include  a half day of methods workshops on 14th June. The deadline for registration is 31st of May.

We would be most grateful if you could circulate the call widely among the Postgraduate students in your respective departments.


The Conference Organising Team


The online registration form can be found here: Online registration closes on the 31st of May 2013.

The aim of the conference is to share research that fosters original ideas, new narratives and alternative ways of thinking about the central concepts of Power, Resilience and Change within development. In the dominant development paradigm certain issues can be disregarded as peripheral and unimportant. Yet the potential of these issues to contribute to processes of knowledge production and transformative practice should not be overlooked. Questions we plan to explore include: How can we begin to critically explore the “silences” in development discourse and practice? How can we explore these issues which are still seen as “external” to the dominant development discourse and practice? What power relationships are revealed when we explore these issues? How can we reclaim these alternative spaces, topics and narratives? How can the potential of marginalised issues be harnessed to become revolutionary? What is resilience in the development context? What does ‘not coping’ look like? How can we begin understanding agency in ways that enable development to better serve its transformative potential?

The two day conference will include panels with paper presentations and discussions on the first day followed by a half day of workshops on the second day.


Panel presenters come from across the globe including: Canada, India, Mexico, Sweden and the United Kingdom.


Thursday the 13th of June 2013

Panel Presentations will be held 09:00-17:00 § Alternative Visions of Development § Challenging Knowledge; Reviewing Linkages § Gender and Sexuality § Geographies of Development § Knowledge, Technology and Society § Locating Resilience and Resistance § Methodology and Development Research: When, how, why and to what extent should people’s perspectives inform development practice?

§ Power and Politics in Development

§ Religion, Relationships and Discourse

§ Transformations in Food Security: Wellbeing, Development and Imagination § Violence, Conflict and After


Friday the 14th of June 2013

Workshops will be held from 09:00-12:00

§ A creative writing workshop led by Kim Lasky to help doctoral researchers look creatively at their identity as researchers and the challenges and opportunities that presents.

Dr. Lasky’s Profile:

§ A workshop on activism led by Professor Andrea Cornwall to force researchers to engage with and examine will the model of 'expert' anthropologist as 'advocate', to revisioning anthropology as a new way of working with others in development settings.

Professor Cornwall’s Profile:

§ More to be announced

We strongly believe that our conference will provide an excellent opportunity to connect scholars across disciplines and for ideational creativity. We encourage you to attend, participate and engage.

Registration for the conference is £5.00 Online registration closes on the 31st of May 2013:

Organising Committee

Critical Debates With(in) Development Conference, 13 and 14th June 2013

University of Sussex, Falmer, Brighton