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November 18, 2013



         Call for Paper

The VEF Journal welcomes the submission of manuscripts that meets the general criteria of scientific excellence in all indicated areas of interest for her Number 1 of 2014 edition to be published before 31st of January 2014.

VEF journal of agriculture, rural and community development is a bi-annual publication of the vulnerable lives enhancement foundation (VEF foundation). It is a multi-disciplinary journal devoted to advancement of knowledge that enhances vulnerable lives through the publication of peer-reviewed and cutting-edge research discoveries and innovations that focus on all aspect of agriculture, social work, rural sociology, gender issues, sciences, technology and related field globally.

Only original papers arranged in line with VEF journal format will be accepted. Manuscripts are considered on the understanding that their contents have not been published elsewhere or will not be submitted to other journals or publications.  All papers accepted for the journal becomes the property of VEF Journals.



The VEF journal is dedicated to the publication of highly qualitative articles therefore preference will be given to highly qualitative and well organized research paper relevant to the identified interest areas of the journal. Papers are judged on their scientific content, accuracy and clarity by at least two reviewers and an editor.  Manuscripts submitted should be in Microsoft word file not be more than 15pages, type-written in English, double spaced on only one side of A4 (210X297mm) paper using one-inch margins and Times New Roman of 12 font size.

Authors are requested to follow the given guideline below for preparation of manuscript. Failure to conform may cause delay in publication or rejection of manuscript.

Submission of manuscript;

All articles to VEF Journal are submitted electronically to; and copy to and

Manuscripts must be arranged in the following manner:

Title. The title should be concise but informative. The first letter of each word must be capitalized.

Author(s). The names of authors (surname followed by initials) and their affiliation should follow the title. The email address and mobile phone number of the corresponding author must be included.

Abstract. The abstract should not be more than 250 words. It should cover the objectives, methodology, major findings, conclusion and recommendation.

Keywords. List not more than five keywords immediately after the abstract for indexing purpose.

Body of the paper. The paper should be divided into sections namely; Introduction, objectives, materials and methods, results and discussions, conclusion, recommendations, acknowledgements (if any) and references.

-        The first letter of each word in the section heading should be capitalized.

-        Sub-section headings must be numbered and flush left

-        Tables must be numbered with a title written above the table with boarders (row and column lines) in place and typed in exact text location

-        References must follow American Psychological Association(APA) Style