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Call for posts for Africa at LSE blog

October 22, 2013

Africa@LSE is looking to commission some articles and series for the Michaelmas term. Specific topics are listed below. If you are interested in writing for the blog, on these or other topics, please contact the blog editor, Syerramia Willoughby at<> The blog guidelines are also attached.

  1.  What are the barriers to intra-Africa trade? It has remained low since the 90s while trade has grown with Asia, Europe, and North America. It is something the African Development Bank is encouraging. Intra-continent trade is stronger in Europe where, for example, France and Germany produce the same commodities but still trade with each other.

  2.  I’m looking for a series of articles to mark Kenya’s 50th anniversary of independence in December. The themes can range from History to Economics, Politics to Geography.

  3.  Gambia is trying to turn itself into an offshore financial centre – is that a real development strategy?

  4.  I’m interested in exploring relationships not just between the Emerging Powers and Africa, but also the established powers like Britain, France, Russia, USA – are these relationships evolving with the rise of China and Brazil?

  5.  It is World Rural Womens Day and World Food Day next week if anyone has an already written article and World AIDS Day on 1st December

  6.  Looking further ahead, I will be looking to do two big series next year: on the 20th anniversary of democracy in South Africa - & 100 years since WW1 – it would be good to explore the role of some of the African soldiers in the Great War and look at the impact on the continent.

7.  There are also many topical stories around the continent: Mali, Sudan, Al Shabaab, Boko Haram, DR Congo – posts are always welcome on these too.

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