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The Davies Papers: Africa Series

October 22, 2013

The David Davies Memorial Institute has launched the ‘Africa Series’ of The Davies Papers, an online working paper series named in honour of David Davies. Research published in the series can be an author’s last word on a topic, a draft of a paper, the text or substantive notes for a presentation, or work in progress. The Africa Series is edited by Dr Carl Death ( and seeks to provide a platform to promote and disseminate work on African politics with an international dimension. Themes suitable for inclusion in the Africa Series would include conflict and peace-building, development, humanitarian intervention, diplomacy, regionalism, democracy and civil society, food and water security, climate and environmental change, transnational social movements, and institutions such as the African Union, African Development Bank, International Criminal Court, World Bank, UN Security Council reform, regional bodies, and so on. More theoretical and conceptual papers are also welcome – dealing with issues including freedom, justice, power, equality, race, gender, violence, knowledge, religion and so on – as long as there is a clear link to issues of African politics with an international dimension. This list is not exclusive, and those interested in contributing to the series should contact the editor.

The primary aim of the Davies Papers is to disseminate research by DDMI members as well as the wider scholarly community and the general public. Contributions to The Davies Papers should be approximately 4,000-9,000 words. Copyright will stay with the author, and we would not put any obstacle whatever in front of publication elsewhere. The final decision on any paper – its relevance and quality – will rest with the series editor.

Advantages of publishing through the series include the opportunity to promote and disseminate ‘work in progress’ or ‘thought-leaders’ relatively quickly, in a professional and high-quality format, to a wide-ranging audience of academics, scholars, policy-makers and members of the general public. The Series is publicised through the DDMI Newsletter and email list, which has a circulation of over 2000.

The David Davies Memorial Institute was established in 1951 to commemorate the work of Lord Davies in promoting a more orderly and just world through international cooperation, law, and organisation. The DDMI’s priorities have evolved with a changing global order, as the internationalist project that moved Davies has grown beyond the still critically important questions of disarmament and international organisation to encompass an expanded security agenda, questions of international and global responsibility, and the status of the individual in a world of states.

The Davies Papers are available exclusively through the DDMI website. Existing papers in the series can be accessed at

Africa Series editor: Dr Carl Death, Senior Lecturer in International Political Economy, University of Manchester,