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Sash of Fulfilment - Film, Performance and Discussion

September 3, 2013

24 October 2013 at 2pm: Stevenson Lecture Theatre, British Museum, London: Sash of Fulfilment
Film, performance and discussion with artist, Leo Asemota and British Museum Africa Galleries curator, Chris Spring. This event explores key themes in “The Ens Project” an on-going multiphase work of artist Leo Asemota for whom 1897 is a crucial year, in being both a high water mark of the pomp of Empire as witnessed in Queen Victoria's Jubilee celebrations, and the year in which the pre-colonial Kingdom of Benin was razed by the British and the 'Benin bronzes' were taken and dispersed around the world – many are now housed in the British Museum collection.

The discussion will begin with a screening of films from Asemota's live art works in the Tanks at Tate Modern (2012) and St. Paul's Cathedral (2008), followed by a procession of characters from the performances draped in the "Sash of Fulfilment" marking the end of their involvement in Asemota's project.

This event will be free and open to both members of ASAUK and the public. Tickets must be obtained in advance. Details on how to do this will be published on the ASAUK and British Museum Websites.