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BISA Annual Conference & Exhibition 2014

September 20, 2013

  Programme chair: Dr Ruth Blakeley, University of Kent, BISA honorary secretary

 Call for Papers, Panels and Roundtables

 A Crisis of Global Governance?

With millions displaced in Syria after two years of extreme violence and repression, and an apparent use of chemical weapons by the Assad regime, the UN has come under fierce criticism for failing to halt the bloodshed. Meanwhile in Iraq and Afghanistan, there is little evidence of lasting peace and stability, a state of affairs that calls into question the efforts of both the UN and NATO. International institutions have also failed to adequately address other pressing challenges. For example, the G8, G20 and the IMF have failed to avert global economic crises. There has been a collective failure to reach any consensus on meeting the pressing challenges of climate change. And international institutions have failed to protect basic privacy for millions of the world's citizens. These overlapping crises have called into question the fundamental structures of global governance. Is the UN facing a crisis of legitimacy? Are our international institutions fit for purpose? What are the prospects for reining in state and corporate power where fundamental rights and freedoms are at stake? BISA welcomes paper and panel proposals that address the question of whether global governance is in crisis, from a variety of perspectives, including security, international political economy, gender, human rights, international law and theory.

Revised Guidelines for paper, panel & roundtable proposals please have regard to these before making your submission

Deadline for proposals: Friday 29th November 2013 5.00pm

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