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The Practice of Ethnic Diplomacy: Exploring Relations between Non-state Nations

April 17, 2014

Speakers: Professor Luis Beltrán (University of Alcalá) and Dr Marta Iñiguez de Heredia (University of Cambridge)

Chair and Discussant: Professor Iver Neumann (London School of Economics)

Venue: LSE, 10 June (4-6pm)

The seminar will present the findings of a thirty-year research project about the diplomatic and external relations of five ethnic groups in North and South Kivu in Eastern DRC. The research shows that there are ancient diplomatic practices that can be traced to pre-colonial times. This provides empirical evidence of traditional political institutions that these ethnic groups had dealing with external and inter-ethnic group relations. The research also identifies these groups' conflict resolution and dispute settlement strategies, which is important in a region that has been conflict-ridden for the last twenty years. Finally, the research explores the notion of international and diplomatic relations from the point of view of relations among non-state nations, taking IR to a less state-centric sphere. More details will follow, but please save the date.