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BISA Postgraduate Network Annual Conference 2015

December 16, 2014

In line with the main theme of the BISA PGN Conference, “Worlds of Inequality”, the BISA Africa
and International Studies Working Group aims to cover a wide range of topics related to African
politics. It is widely accepted that while in some parts of the world economic growth and wealth are
rising fast, some others, like Africa, are still lagging behind and suffering from inequality. While
the “Africa Rising” story is now being often told by commentators, many countries still show high
levels of economic inequality, which makes Africa the second-most inequitable region at the global
level, second only to Latin America. The BISA Africa panel(s) aim to explore the African reality
from a variety of perspectives.
We are pleased to announce a Call for Papers for the BISA PGN Africa & International Studies
Working Group. We encourage submissions to address inequality in all its forms and from
different angles. Papers may include, but should not be limited to the following topics:
· Spatial, gender and income inequalities
· Economic growth
· Education
· Public health
· Poverty reduction
· Sustainable development
· Urbanisation
· Security
· Democracy and good governance
Papers are to be submitted electronically (Word or PDF format) to:
The submission should include:
1. The paper title
2. An abstract (approximately 500 words)
3. A short biography, including current position
4. Whether financial support will be required from BISA in order to participate
Full papers may be submitted at a later stage. Submissions will be selected across a broad range of
fields and interests, assessed according to their contribution to debates on African politics, along
with their academic quality.
Key dates and deadlines
- Deadline for submission of abstracts: Wednesday 14th January 2015
- Notification of acceptance: Friday 30th January 2015
- Deadline for bursary applications: Friday 13th February 2015
- Registration deadline: Friday 27th February 2015
If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit the BISAPGN