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Africa Works! 2014

July 25, 2014

AfricaWorks! Creating New Partnerships

Invitation: call for proposal for workshop discussions

October 16 and 17, 2014 the African Studies Centre and the Netherlands-African Business Council will organize Africa Works! 2014 together. The 2012 edition focussed on ‘21st Century trends’. This year we will focus on new partnerships in which African and Dutch/European organizations and individuals from business, academic, civil society, media, diplomatic and policy circles look for new engagements in a world that has fundamentally changed during the last decade and in which ‘Africa is rising’. The conference will bring together these different stakeholders, both from Africa, from the Netherlands and from elsewhere. The conference will take place in Leiden and 500+ visitors are expected to attend.

In 2014 we would like to widen our strategic partnerships in the co-organization of this major event. We want to invite you to sponsor and (co-)organize one workshop of which we have 20+ available during the two day conference (next to keynote speeches, network meetings, an large exhibition, a Partnership Dinner, etc.). 

What does a workshop entail?

  1. Your organization takes the lead in organizing a two-hour event, in which you preferably bring together three different types of stakeholders (out of six major groups: business, academics, civil society, diplomats, media, and policymakers) and you suggest a topic/theme and a format, African counterparts are preferred;
  2. Your organization is willing to liaise with the main conference organizers to agree about topic, timing, and format. ASC and NABC are readily available to look for partners, invite participants to your specific workshop, and join the brainstorm;
  3. Your organization pays a flat rate of 6500€ excl. VAT to the conference organizers to co-fund the general costs of the conference. The costs may be shared between the stakeholders organizing the workshop.

We invite you to fill out the ‘workshop proposal’. Invoicing will take place upon receipt of the proposal. Within a week the organizing committee will agree with, or provide you with the appropriate feedback concerning, the proposal.

In case of questions do not hesitate to contact Heleen Keijer (

For further details about the conference please visit this link.