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A Symposium on ‘West African Art in Context’

July 25, 2014

Organised by the Nigerian Field Society and the Cambridge African Archaeology Group                                       

This Symposium on “West African Art in Context” has been jointly arranged by the Nigerian Field Society (UK Branch) and the African Archaeology Group in Cambridge, thanks to whom we are fortunate to be able to hold the meeting at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Downing Street, Cambridge, CB2 3ER. The meeting is open to all members of these two organisations and also to any others who have an interest in the subject. Anyone wishing to attend should fill in the attached booking form and send it, with a cheque made out to “NFS UK Branch”, to Raymond & Lilian Coe at the address indicated, by 25 July 2014.

The programme includes a session on Modern Nigerian Arts and Crafts, when there will be a round-table presentation and discussion of some Nigerian artefacts, led by Pat Oyelola.  Members of the NFS (UK Branch) who would like to take part in this discussion and show some of their own possessions are encouraged to do so, but it would be appreciated if they could please contact Philip Allsworth-Jones about this beforehand at

Those coming to the meeting will need to arrange their own accommodation, and since Cambridge is always busy it is advisable not to delay.  The Cambridge Tourist Office has very good information about this.  They can be contacted at  Accommodation is also available at some of the University Colleges. Details and availability can be checked at . You are advised not to try to bring a car into the city centre.

We look forward to see you at this event.  If you have any queries or suggestions please contact Philip Allsworth-Jones at the address given above.

For further details and a programme click here.