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June 10, 2014


Submission deadline 30 June 2014

Contributors are invited to submit contributions to Volume 3, No.1-2 of 2014 focusing on any of the following important themes, namely:

* Promoting Pan-Africanism and African Renaissance- The AU track-record thus far

* The importance of African Leadership- Lessons from the OAU and AU

* Africa's Economic Growth and Development: Identifying Pan-African Development Priorities and Goals

* The AU's Achievements in Empowering Women

* The AU Commission's role in the next decade

* The Pan-African Parliament: Reflections on its Future Role

* Promoting Food Security: The AU's achievements to date

* The AU's Progress and Achievements in the realm of peace and security

* The AU's posture of non-indifference- a clarion call answered or hollow rhetoric?

* 'African Solutions to African Problems'- The track-record to date

* The Envisioned African Standby Force: An Incomplete, Failed Initiative?

* The state of EU-AU Relations

* The AU's new Strategic Plan: Critical Reflections on Priority Areas

* The AU's Agenda 2063

The Editors encourage original contributions from any of the above-mentioned themes identified. Papers already published elsewhere or simultaneously under consideration at another journal will not be considered for publication. Certain themes (where applicable, relevant and viable) may also be combined into one article. Authors must not exceed the stated length requirements (please see guidelines for authors below).

Original contributions, which will be subjected to double blind peer review, should strictly comply with the Journal's Guidelines for Authors (below) and should be submitted to the Editor, Gerrie Swart by the deadline of 30 JUNE 2014 via For more information on the JoAUS, go to

Guidelines for Authors

Submitting Papers

Authors are required to submit original papers, that is, papers submitted should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. All papers are refereed through a double blind peer-review process. You may send an electronic copy of your paper (MS Word file attached to an e-mail) to:


A paper should be no longer than 5,000 to 6,000 words, with an Abstract of about 150 words. Remove author details, any acknowledgements and other author identifiers, and put them into a separate file when you submit.


You can use any standard of English (e.g., UK or US) provided you are consistent in your choice. If you use acronyms, you should explain them separately in a list below the Abstract or in the text. All Tables and Figures should be numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. (respectively) and mentioned in the text.

Notes and References

End Notes should be used sparingly to highlight, elaborate or explain some points in the text, and also to give reference to anonymous articles from websites. References in the text should be done thus: 'Jones (2006) argued that ...' or 'According to a survey (Jones, 2006a) ...' or 'Jones et al (2001: 23) found that...'. Anonymous newspaper articles should be shown thus: ' (The Guardian, 20 May 2007)'.

List full citations at the end under 'References' using the guidance below:


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Edited Book:

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Chapter in an Edited Book:

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Journal Article:

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Conference papers/ proceedings:

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Working Paper/ Discussion Paper

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Newspaper Article:

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Paper/ Report from a Website:

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Doctoral Thesis:

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Tables, Figures and Diagrams

Avoid colour in Tables, Figures and Diagrams. Avoid graphics or scanned figures from websites: redraw them or get detailed originals. Avoid all shading in Tables and Figures, if possible.

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