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2014 Oxford Africa Conference

May 12, 2014

23-24 May 2014

The Oxford Africa Conference is a student-led merger of Oxford University’s two most successful Africa-focused conferences into a single conference.

The Oxford Africa Business Conference and the Oxford University Pan-African Conference have each been running for the past 5 years. In 2014, these two conferences combined to create a platform that delivers a richer understanding of Africa. The Oxford Africa Conference is a unique blend of business and society intended for individuals looking for unparalleled depth and insight into Africa’s transformations.

Participants will get the chance to spend two days of Africa in Oxford immersing themselves in experiences that range anywhere from consumer e-commerce in South Africa to the cultural impact of contemporary Sino-African relations. You will be welcomed into a selection of Oxford University’s most historic venues, where you can expect to mingle with distinguished leaders from business, NGOs, international institutions, and governments. In order to become a part of Africa’s transformation, you will need to engage it, and we bring you that engagement through the Oxford Africa Conference.

More information on programme and how to register can be found on conference website: