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Call for paper: South African Review of Sociology

February 9, 2015





The way in which research processes can be connected to purposes of social development is an area which is increasingly receiving attention in debates concerning social research methodology, including debates around ways of practising research in terms of ‘transformative’ intentions. Thus far there is still a dearth of literature ? in South Africa as elsewhere ? in regard to the actual practice of research within what is called a transformative paradigm and how this paradigm relates to other bases for social research (that is, other philosophies that may underlie research processes). These matters concern research within all social science ‘disciplines’, including sociology (and also affect ways in which sociology links up with other ‘disciplines’). This special issue is designed to provide leeway for authors to discuss the relationship between social research and social development. The following themes will ideally (though not exclusively) be focused upon in this special issue:

• The transformative potential of social research (examples from South Africa and elsewhere)
• Ways of engaging research participants in addressing issues of social concern
• Action-oriented approaches to addressing structural inequality
• Facilitating action-oriented processes towards personal, social and spiritual development
• Organising research to enhance ‘wellbeing’
• The link between research and community engagement
• The design of a ‘Community of Practice’ involving stakeholders
• Negotiating researcher identity(ies) when working with research participants in addressing complex social issues • Innovative ways of conducting research towards social and ecological justice on a global scale
• Critical journalism with transformative intent
• The transformative paradigm and cross-disciplinary research
• Exploring linkages between ‘active research’ and activism

Guest editor: Norma Romm (Professor, Department of Adult Education and Youth Development, University of South Africa)

Abstracts: 1 March 2015
Papers: 31 July 2015

Submission Guidelines:
1. Authors are invited to submit a 400-500 word abstract for consideration for the special issue.
2. Submissions should be sent to:
3. Selected authors will be invited to produce a full paper based on their abstract for potential publication subject to a review process.
4. All submissions will be anonymously/blind reviewed by two independent assessors.
5. Articles should be 5000-8000 words in length.

Please consult the SARS style sheet for further detail: >