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Call for Papers: Art and Ideology in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Fiction

October 1, 2015


Scholars are invited to examine the ramifications of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s creative outputs from a variety of perspectives, and contribute to this classic anthology, articles that show penetrating understanding of her art and ideology from (but not limited to) feminism to war, matters of interpenetrability of myths and perceptions, challenges of multicultural existence and complex human diversities in broad and unique contexts.


  • Length: Articles should not exceed 5000 words.
  • Format: Articles should be double spaced throughout. Use the same typeface and size throughout the article. Italics are preferred to underlines for titles of books.
  • Style: UK or US spellings, but be consistent. Direct quotations should retain the spelling used in the original source. Check the accuracy of your citations and always give the source, date, and page number in the text and a full reference in the works cited at the end of the article. Italicize titles of books or plays. Use single inverted commas throughout except for quotations within quotations which are double. Avoid subtitles or subsection headings within the text.
  • References: All references/works cited should be listed in full at the end of the article, in the following style:

Surname, name/initial, title of work, place: publisher, date.

Surname, name/initial, ‘title of article’. In surname, name/initial (ed.) title of work.Place of publication, publisher, date. 
Or: Surname, name/initial, ‘title of article’, Journal, vol. no.: page no.

Articles should be sent as e-mail attachments – – Word document .Brief personal profile should be submitted with the article but as separate attachment.

Deadline: 23 October 2015.