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ASA-UK Conference - Call for papers for panels under Peace, Protest and Political Struggle Stream

October 13, 2015

Call for Panels and Papers

The ASAUK biennial conference will be held at the University of Cambridge (Robinson College) and will run from 14.00 on Wednesday 7 September 2016 to 15.30 on Friday 9 September 2016. It will coincide with the 50th Anniversary Celebration of the Cambridge Centre for African Studies.


While we are not attempting to give the conference an overarching ‘theme’ it is possible for individuals, journals, centres and networks to offer a series of panels (3 or more) on particular topics so that there can be sequential debate through the conference.

Those wishing to organise streams should contact the conference administrator, Dorian Addison, directlyconference2016.cambridge [a]



The call for panels [described as ‘symposia’ on the registration system] is now open. Panels  at the conference will be an hour and a half long and we would recommend no more than three papers per panel to allow time for questions and debate.

Please note that the only way to submit a panel for the conference is via the online link below. We would encourage all those wishing to suggest a panel to have done so by the 31st of October 2015 after which a call for papers will be circulated. It will only be possible for scholars to submit papers to your panel once it has been submitted onto the online system.



To submit a panel you will then need to register on the online system via the link above. Once you have registered you can then log into the online submission system and set up a panel. Panels are referred to as symposia and so to register your panel please go to the “set up a new symposium” section of the system. To submit a panel you will require a panel abstract of maximum 400 words.

Once you have submitted your panel/symposium it will appear on the online system and papers can then be submitted to your panel via the online system. Each time a paper is submitted for your panel you will receive an email notifying you and will be able to log into the online system and review the papers for your panel.

It is worth noting that you can use your one email and password to propose several panels/symposia. Should you wish to amend your personal, panel or paper details you can this by logging into the system at any time up until the close of submissions.



It is also possible to submit papers via the above link. If you submit a panel and wish to solicit papers this can be done straight away.

We will circulate a call for papers once the call for panels is closed to enable those submitting papers to see a full list of panels.

We do not require you to submit a full paper in advance, please submit an abstract of 250 words. The call for papers will close on 2nd April 2016.

We very much hope to see you at the conference!

If you have any queries please contact Dorian Addison: conference2016.cambridge [a]