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Workshop on the Geopolitics and Practices of Writing and Publishing in Africa

January 13, 2016

Setting Forth At Dawn, Workshop on the Geopolitics and Practices of Writing and Publishing in Africa, 16 – 20 May 2016, Jimma, Ethiopia, Deadline: 25 January 2016

Setting Forth At Dawn: Website here 

A Workshop on the

Geopolitics and Practices of Writing and Publishing in Africa 

16 – 20 May 2016 / 8 -12 Genbot 2008

Hosted by the

College of Law & Governance

in collaboration with the

Office of the Vice President for Research & Community Services

Jimma University, Ethiopia


Call for Abstracts

Towards these ends, we invite abstracts of 300 to 400 words for interdisciplinary, critical, and rigorously challenging original research papers in the social sciences, humanities and social legal studies from scholars who have not yet published in international peer-reviewed academic journals. We look for participants who are interested in new ways of thinking about how to cultivate reading and writing cultures in southern communities that are also global, including papers that emphasize, for example, speaking across and within spaces of the south and/or articles that focus on the relationship between law, society, and critical development studies. The workshop will present opportunities to create alliances between scholars and practitioners across disciplines.

Forty selected scholars will be invited to participate in the intensive writing workshop in Jimma, Ethiopia from 16 to 20 May 2016/ 8 -12 Genbot 2008. The workshop—which will be facilitated by academics with experience writing, reviewing, and serving as members of academic journal editorial boards—is an intensive writing workshop designed to assist scholars who have not previously published in academic journals with sessions on (i) practical matters associated with academic publishing (guides to writing journal cover letters and responding to reviews); (ii) the publication process, expectations, and landscape; (iii) researching jargon, specialized vocabulary, and keeping up-to-date on academic literatures; (iv) and detailed advice for getting an original article manuscript submitted for publication. The objective is to assist the writers in generating a completed and submission-ready draft of their article by the conclusion of the workshop.

We welcome the participation of African scholars working outside of Jimma as well as outside of Ethiopia. While we have not yet secured funds for travel-related bursaries, our organizing committee is actively seeking such opportunities and we are happy to write letters of support for confirmed participants so that they may seek funding through their own departments. For updates on travel funding, please send inquiries to

Deadline for abstracts is 25 January 2016. Questions and abstracts should be submitted to: and