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Funding databases

Looking for funding

The following databases and listings services provide information on research and scholarship funding.

Research Africa is a subscription-services providing information on international funding opportunities, scholarships and fellowships for African researchers. Your university may already have a subscription to enable you to use the service. Contact your central research office to find out, or email Wendy Lessing at

Scholars Hub Africa free portal of funding opportunities for African students and academics, including scholarships, fellowships, grants and other awards. Run by Matthew Adeiza, a Nigeria-based freelance journalist and media researcher.

UK Collaborative on Development Sciences A resource for anyone interested in research for international development, and links with the UK development science research community. Includes funding opportunities (including information on EU FP7 funding), in addition to research news and details of key organisations who support development sciences.

Education UK Scholarship Search British Council website which includes a database of scholarships and funding for study in the UK

Euraxess has information on moving to the UK, the latest research funding opportunities, and a UK research jobs page. For UK researchers looking to move abroad, Euraxess provides information on opportunities in Europe or further afield. 

Global Development Network. Funding database provided by the Global Development Network. Also produces an email funding opportunities newsletter

H-Africa. African studies email list which often advertises new funding calls relating to African research

Preparing funding proposals and applications

The following sources offer valuable advice on how to complete funding applications and develop fundable proposals.

AuthorAid The resource library includes a number of useful documents and presentations and there is a dedicated area of their forum on preparing grant proposals. AuthorAid also run a series of training workshops