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Privacy policy

The Africa Desk does not make use of a visitor's IP address, or other session information that is automatically captured by our web server, for any purpose other than system administration and to provide statistics that we use to evaluate use of the site. 'Cookies' are not used by the Africa Desk to collect information about visits to the site (Cookies are small pieces of coding that may be installed by a web-site host onto a visitor's computer without their knowledge).

Use of this site does not require a visitor to disclose personal information unless they choose to give it. Users registering a profile on the directories of UK Africanists and African Scholars do so of their own volition and do so on the understanding that this information is made publically available for the purposes of facilitating academic contact and collaboration. Email addresses are however hidden from public view, and users are directed to contact individuals in the first instance by a contact form. The Africa Desk will from time to time use this information to enable ASAUK and the British Academy to communicate with individuals registered on the site, to alert them to any changes and to ensure profiles are up to date.

This Privacy Statement does not cover the privacy practices of other websites to which there are links from this site.