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African studies blogs

This is a first attempt to compile a list of blogs on African studies and African affairs, with an emphasis on those run or contributed to by academics. If you think there is something to add here, please email

African Arguments - a multi-blogging site that covers both contemporary African events and debates key themes relevant to the continent. Includes: Making Sense of Sudan, Rethinking Zimbabwe, Central Africa Forum, Business Africa, Diaspora Debate and the general 'Politics Now' blog. Hosted by the Royal African Society and World Peace Foundation, and part of the Guardian Africa Network. 

Africa at LSE - promotes African research at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Edited by Syerramia Willoughby

Democracy in Africa - information and analysis about African politics and elections established by Dr Nic Cheeseman (Oxford), edited by SJ Cooper Knock

African Political Ephemera - collecting and reflecting on images and other cultural material as research resources, by Sara Rich Dorman, University of Edinburgh

Researching on African Statesblog about African states and how they broadcast power over their territories. Includes  summaries and reviews of new books and academic papers. Run by Iván Cuesta, University of Edinburgh.

LSE Ideas - International Affairs - Africa section of the LSE international affairs blogs, including contributions from doctoral students.

Africa in Words - written by five PhD students from Sussex, focusing on Africa, literature and print culture